Blog Essay #1

From the outside looking in we all may seem very similar. But when given the chance, some of us like to show the world a little more of what we’re all about. Many forms of media can aid in our self expression whether it is through the sound of music or the meaning of a picture. In the media I chose, underlies a meaning in which I found to be relatable and pertinent to values and life lessons that are most significant to me.

In the image, you see a young girl drawing with crayon on the wall. She uses a compass and ruler to ensure that every line she draws is perfect. It is this longing for perfection that I have become so familiar with, and have had to overcome each and every day. For as long as I can remember I have gone about tasks with the intention to perform them flawlessly. Obviously, as I began to get older I realized that this goal is utterly impossible- yet I never gave up on trying. This constant need for perfection is at times disappointing, but at other times very satisfying.


Though the majority of the time absolute perfection is unattainable, I find it fulfilling to efficiently arrange priorities and perform them to the best of my abilities. In turn, this mindset tends to have a more positive effect in an academic or professional environment. The fewer flaws that a task contains the more successful I am in my work. Consequently, outside the walls of academia, perfectionism creates issues in areas that are meant to be imperfect. I have been told all my life “not to sweat the small stuff” because I want to consider every minor detail in a situation. Unlike tasks in the academic world, every detail is not worth being debated. Some stones are better left unturned. So when I was given the task of finding an image that could appropriately represent this I found this one to be very suitable. There are times to be playful and less cautious in life, like using crayons and drawing on walls. On the other hand, there are times for perfection in work, such as making the most accurate stick figures.

Therefore I believe that there is a happy medium to be found when it comes to dealing with perfectionism. I used to believe people when they told me that I needed to change, but now I feel like there is a time and place to allow my craving for perfection to shine through. I believe that I have learned to decipher when to, and when not to fret over things like dirty dishes, and I will continue to get better, but I am certain that I have been given this personality type for a reason. My need and eye for perfection is going to make me very successful in a future career that calls for just that.

It is not an overnight process for one to come to terms with a personality tag such as “perfectionist”. It is through experiences and honest peers that have opened my eyes to my own ways. I have learned through love that not everything can be perfect.

When searching for a video to adequately show how love has given me insight into the beauty of imperfection I was sadly disappointed. Although, to be fair, the specificity of my search certainly did not make this a simple task. But then I thought of the fairy tale aspect of love and how perfect every love story is hoped to be. Taylor Swift’s music video of her song “Love Story” depicts such a scenario.

Before when I thought I could go about any and every task considering all the details, I had not experienced a situation that involved me both emotionally and intellectually. Falling “in love” has shown me that love is never perfect and neither are many other things in life. I knew if I continued to sweat the little things that I would have a very difficult time ever maintaining a solid relationship. Some times the little details are not worth bringing up in order to focus on bigger and better things. Though Taylor Swift paints a picture of what every person would want their love story to be like in a perfect fairytale world, we are living in the real world filled with obstacles and imperfections that help us learn.

In the video Taylor Swift brings the idea of fairy tale love full circle by showing viewers that though this type of love story is so appealing and fantastical, it is still just a fairy tale. Involving yourself emotionally in an area of life such as love, causes somebody like a perfectionist to hold off on the need for flawlessness and deal with issues in a manner that brings the most happiness to you and others around you. The same applies to friendships and everyday social interactions because these are areas of life outside of the academic world that involve you emotionally. But in my case, given someone new in my life that I deeply cared for, I knew I had to change my perfectionist ways to continue to be successful in my academics and maintain prosperity in my relationships.

Initially, this assignment was challenging for me to allow myself to open up and share my personal feelings on a chosen topic. I feel like searching for and finding an image and video that were appropriate for what I was looking for was the hardest part of the task. But after finding the two media, I felt like I was able to let my thoughts flow on a personal issue about which I feel very passionately. On the outside perfectionism may not be very identifiable, but on the inside it is a constant battle with the imperfections of our non-fairytale world. Other perfectionists may be more or less severe than in my case but generally those they love will influence them in a way that forces change in order for them to ever be happy outside of a professional atmosphere. If it were your love story wouldn’t you say yes?

Word Count: 1,026 words

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10 Responses to Blog Essay #1

  1. bmanos says:

    Hi! I really liked your post a lot. It flowed smoothly from the picture to the video and you related them both figuratively and literally to yourself and your identity. Also, I liked how you used your video as a sort of solution to your image – very clever. Your presentation was also very clear and to the point. I’m envious of your ability to stay calm in front of an audience, I was shaking like a leaf during my presentation! The only thing I can recommend if we ever have to do another presentation would be to be more engaging with your audience. After all, some of us don’t have the best attention spans (me). Overall, you did a great job and it’s obvious that you worked hard.

  2. anama489 says:

    You could not have picked a better picture. I think it clearly shows the “perfect” and “imperfect” conflict. I can’t relate to it, but your analysis was successful at showing what you go through. I also thought you described the picture very well during your presentation. I don’t really like the song, but the video was a “perfect” example of an area that is never perfect. You made a very good connection between the 2 media, and I liked how the blog flows from one to the other. 🙂

  3. marinahass says:

    Hi Blair,
    Can I cite your essay in an article I’m writing about this assignment?

  4. marinahass says:

    Hi Blair. Do you mind reuploading the image in this post? My editor let me know that it’s not showing up (the girl drawing geometric shapes). Your post will be featured in an article I’m writing about teaching, but they need the picture to be included as well.

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